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Frequently Asked Questions

About Caliente Club & Resorts

What is Caliente Resorts all about?
Caliente Resorts are World Class Luxury Clothing Optional Resorts. There is simply no better place to vacation or holiday, make new friends or catch up with old ones than at one of our luxury resorts. Plus, at Caliente you have the freedom to experience the clothing optional choice. So come out, relax and enjoy all that Caliente Clothing Optional Resorts has to offer… for a day, a week, or a lifetime.
Is there a dress code at Caliente?
Caliente Caribe
No, Caribe is purely clothing optional. Nudity or clothes are not required anywhere.

Caliente Tampa
Yes, you must be nude when entering any of the pools or hot tubs. All other areas at Tampa are clothing optional.
What about the "Clothing Optional" scenario?
Attire "appropriate for the occasion" is the only dress code for Caliente Resorts. You are free to wear whatever you, the individual, feel most comfortable in.
Are "Cameras" allowed on Resort Properties?
If you wish to take personal photographs during your stay at Caliente Resorts, a manager must be present while the photographs are taken. The use of any camera or DEVICE with Camera capability, by any unauthorized guest or person, is strictly prohibited.
What about Security at Caliente Resorts?
Caliente Resorts are gated properties with security staff on-site twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
Is Caliente Resorts for you?
If you desire to experience the luxury, freedom and joy that only the most modern and spacious clothing optional resorts on the planet can provide, then Caliente Resorts is for You!
Is "Internet Access" available?
Caliente Caribe
Yes, Internet Access is available and included in the price of your stay.

Caliente Tampa
Yes, guests are provided Free Internet Access in the Tampa clubhouse, around the Amenities Area, Tiki Bar and the Hotel. Cat 5 cables for the Hotel require a $10.00 deposit which will be refunded at checkout if the cable is returned.  Guests staying in a Casita, Condo, Villa or Private Home will be charged $30.00 for Internet Access.
Is "Laundry Service" available?
Caliente Caribe
Daily maid service is included in the price of all accommodations. For your convenience, laundry service is available for a fee.

Caliente Tampa
Except for those rented at a monthly rate, daily maid service is included in the price of all accommodations. Refreshing towels and trash removal are included in the daily maid service. Every third day a "Full Clean" is provided, including a change of linens. For your convenience, should you need to wash clothes, our Resorts have a coin operated Laundry Room on-site.
The "Unspoken" Rule!
Overt sexual behavior or the appearance of such behavior is unacceptable at Caliente Resorts. Behavior "never needing an apology" is the norm.
Is there a "Cash Policy" at Caliente Resorts?
Caliente Caribe
NO, Caribe is All-Inclusive, so no cash is required. However, cash is accepted at the boutique, spa and front desk for services or items that may require a purchase.

Caliente Tampa
YES, Tampa does NOT ACCEPT CASH for retail purchases at the resort, including food and beverages! The only exception is for overnight accommodations. Guests may charge purchases to their In-House Accommodation account if they have a major credit card on file. In addition, Guests may purchase a "Cash Card" in $20, $50, $100 or $200 denominations at Guest Services.

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